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Diplomatic Academy


Diplomatic Academy “Gavro Vuković” was established in 2003 as a joint project of the University of Montenegro’s Law Faculty and the then Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro. Following the best practices of similar institutions in the world, in 2007 the Diplomatic Academy became an organisational unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In 2012, the Academy continues with its activities and offers training programmes for the employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration (MFAEI).

The Academy’s main goal is to improve the professional ability of MFAEI staff by providing various trainings and preparations required for the career of a personal diplomat.

Moreover, the Academy recognises that today’s diplomats must be able to solve complex and narrow problems which often transcend their fields of expertise. For this reason, the Academy offers high-quality courses and a well-balanced programme enabling the attendees to use the acquired skills and knowledge to solve creatively the complex issues of contemporary international relations.

The Diplomatic Academy aims to equip young leaders with capacity in the areas of diplomacy and international relations required to spark new ideas in the region and in the world.


Gavro Vuković (1852-1928) is one of the most prominent figures in Montenegro’s diplomatic history. More than a century ago he served for very long as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the independent Principality of Montenegro.

Gavro Vuković was the founder of Montenegro’s official diplomatic practice. He graduated with a Law degree and spoke perfect French, the then language of diplomacy. He was renowned as a writer, and among other things wrote memoirs that reflected the political affairs of his time, but also the history of Montenegro in the second half of the 19th century.


Montenegrin Summer School for Young Diplomats “Gavro Vuković” is a unique programme promoting intercultural awareness, gathering world-known lecturers, academics, and experts together with young diplomats from around the world to discuss and better understand important global issues.

The Summer School, taking place each summer for the past six years, has become one of Montenegro’s successful and well-recognised projects, which gathers lecturers and attendees from over 40 countries. This initiative helps build a network of trust and understanding, and its key idea is to foster diplomacy through networking.


Montenegrin Diplomatic Academy is member of the International Forum on Diplomatic Training (IFDT), founded at the 1972 Vienna Diplomatic Academy. The forum hosts annual meetings of deans and directors of diplomatic academies and international relations institutes from around the world.

The Academy also closely cooperates with a number of national and international stakeholders through a number of bilateral and multilateral agreements.