Montenegro took over the Presidency of the South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP) on 23 June 2010 at the Summit of the SEECP Heads of States and Governments, in Istanbul.

Montenegro will work on improvement of democratic values and promotion of the European standards as a corner stone of regional development and cooperation between the SEECP Participating States. Special emphasis will be put on strengthening Parliamentary dimension of cooperation in the framework of the SEECP, as well as in the areas of Justice and Home Affairs in the region of SEE.

Montenegrin Presidency will strive to enhance concrete project oriented cooperation through regional framework of the RCC aiming at maintenance of a long-term stability and dynamic development of all the countries of the region. Montenegro will work on fostering the role of the RCC, as operative body of the SEECP, in strengthening of regional ownership through implementation of the RCC Strategy and Working Program 2011 – 2013.

Montenegro will express its commitment to the regional cooperation and improvement of good neighborly relations through maintaining peace, stability and security of the region.

Montenegro will promote democratic values and European and Euro-Atlantic standards towards integration to the EU and NATO.

Montenegrin Presidency will focus on strengthening of institutional dialogue with the European Commission and other EU institution in order to improve European perspective of the SEECP countries which are still not members of the EU.

Montenegro will continue to promote the SEECP on both national and international level, as a unique voice of the region and reliable partner of the international community.

Taking into consideration contemporary political priorities of the region, Montenegro will work on improvement of coordination of the SEECP Agenda of activities. It will also keep on developing cooperation with different regional and international organizations and initiatives, while avoiding overlapping of activities.

Montenegro will work on increasing of common dedication of the SEECP members to the constructive fostering of cooperation between relevant institutions in finding mechanisms for efficient countering corruption and organized crime.

During Montenegrin Presidency attention will be also paid to:

- strengthening public-private partnership in SEE as an instrument for structural reforms and economic development

- fostering economic development, trade and promoting investments

- strengthening traffic infrastructure and energetic sector

- strengthening regional dialogue on environmental protection and global heating and infrastructural development for prevention of natural disasters;

- improvement of education and science