Relations of Montenegro and OSCE

Montenegro was admitted to OSCE on 22nd June 2006, which was Montenegro's first membership in an international organisation as an independent country. Then-Prime Minister Milo Đukanović signed in Helsinki on 1st September 2006 the Final Act of the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe (Helsinki Final Act). This way Montenegro became a full-fledged member of the OSCE.

OSCE in Montenegro

Permanent Council of the OSCE adopted on 29th July 2006 a decision on promoting the OSCE Office in Montenegro to OSCE Mission to Montenegro (OSCE Mission to Montenegro) and conferred a mandate upon it. The Permanent Council entrusted the Mission with the following tasks: (a) Promote the implementation of OSCE principles and commitments as well as the co-operation of Montenegro within the OSCE framework, in all three of its dimensions; (b) Facilitate contacts, co-ordinate activities and promote information exchange with the Chairman-in-Office, OSCE institutions, OSCE field operations (particularly with those in South-Eastern Europe), as well as co-operation with international organizations and institutions; (c) Establish and maintain contacts with local authorities, universities, research institutions and NGOs and assist in arranging events with OSCE participation; (d) Perform other tasks deemed appropriate by the Chairman-in-Office or other OSCE institutions and agreed on between Montenegro and the OSCE.

After defining new mandate, the next step was to adopt a new Memorandum of Understanding between Montenegro and OSCE on the Establishment of OSCE Mission to Montenegro. The Government of Montenegro adopted the Memorandum text on 19th October 2006. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro and the Secretary-General of OSCE signed the Memorandum on 24th October 2006.

From 2006 until September 2010 the OSCE Head of Mission was Ambassador Paraschiva Badescu (Romania), and Šaruans Adomavičius was appointed her successor. His mandate for the initial 12-month period began on 1st October 2010.

OSCE Mission to Montenegro supports the activities on the reform of judiciary, police, rule of law, local government efficiency and fight against organised crime and corruption. It also assists the Parliament, with special focus on harmonising the Elections Law with the Constitution and on minority representation in the Parliament. In addition, OSCE provides a multifaceted support in legislation implementation, continuation of the MONDEM programme, and the Border Management Assistance programme.