Activities of Montenegro

Montenegro Mission to OSCE and United Nations was opened in Vienna on 17 October 2006, which created the conditions for full cooperation with OSCE, United Nations and all international organizations headquartered in Vienna and are active in Montenegro. Montenegro has the right to send three members for the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.

Montenegro extremely appreciates the presence of OSCE Mission in Podgorica, which is of amultiple importance for the realization of Montenegrin strategic and national interests. Within its cooperation with OSCE, wide political and security forum that exceeds European borders, Montenegro continuously very actively and efficiently promotes and protects its foreign political and overall interests. Besides, Montenegro uses also OSCE programs of support and assistance in the reform of police, judiciary, reduction of weapons, strengthening of democratic institutions and etc, through its ample cooperation within all three dimensions of this Organization.

OSCE in Montenegro showed as reliable and constructive partner in the processes that are important for democratic and reform achievements in our society. On the other hand, Montenegro continued to be a reliable partner in promoting values and principles inherent to OSCE, considering that this organization can and should play an important role in the new European political and security architecture.

Montenegro will continue in the future with confirmation of its constructive and dynamic partnership with OSCE for the purpose of establishing system that is based on democracy, rule of law and transparency.