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Priorities of the Montenegrin CEI presidency in 2010

In its activity, the Montenegrin presidency will follow the CEI Guidelines and Rules of Procedure and Plan of Action 2010-2012 as well as the good practices, needs and opinions of all the Member States.

Montenegro is deeply aware of the fact that peace, security, spreading of tolerance, understanding and mutual respect, rapid economic development, building of the state of law and efficient institutions of system, based on the European values and standards, are the formula of a brighter future of the Europe united. In this regard, Montenegro will continue to promote closer cooperation with the European Union and to support EU aspirations of the CEI non-EU Member States, as reformulated in the CEI mandate. Special attention will be paid to the promotion of common projects between the EU and non-EU CEI member states related to the know-how exchange, which proved to be the most efficient and stimulating mechanism for the transmission of best practices in all areas of development.

Montenegro will continue to develop and improve good neighborly relations and regional cooperation between CEI Member States, as well as foster constructive dialog and project-oriented regional cooperation. Continued regional dialogue and exchange of opinions and ideas are beneficial to all the CEI member countries in the process of developing institutional capacities and potentials, as well as in the overall society reform towards the European common values. In that sense, Montenegro will promote democratic values as a reliable development mechanism for the whole region.

Montenegro will continue to foster dialogue and tolerance as a way to reach sustainable common solution, respecting principles and norms of the international community in the interest of the region as a whole.

Montenegro will take necessary steps in order to raise CEI visibility on national and international level, especially trough project-oriented cooperation in order to obtain resources from the CEI Funds. Presidency will supports activities of the instruments focused on operational capacities of the CEI, for initiating concrete projects (Program know-how exchange, CEI Secretariat for the EU projects, Special Fund for Climate and Environmental Protection, CEI Trust Fund EBRD, London).

Montenegro will continue to develop closer cooperation with various regional fora, assuring the continuity in the CEI activities and avoiding overlapping of its activities.

Special attention will be put on cross-border cooperation, transport, economy, tourism, environmental protection and energy.

The Montenegrin Presidency will assist the CEI Secretariat with the establishment of the network of experts and will stimulate the initiation of its activity in the shortest time possible.