Montenegro, as a country with the European and Euro-Atlantic perspective will work on promoting European standards and values in the AII region as well as in a wider international scene. In accordance to the priorities of the EU and the AII strategic goals Montenegro will continue the work on the EU strategy for the AII macro-region with aim to, among others, facilitate use of the available EU Funds for regional development. In this regard Montenegro has put special emphasis on further development of project-oriented cooperation and stresses out the need for continuity between the Montenegrin Chairmanship and the previous Chairmanships of the AII. Subsequently, Montenegro will continue implementation of the projects launched by the Italian Presidency.

 Among others, the priorities of our Chairmanship will be as follows:

- Strengthening the links between the AII and EU through close cooperation between the EU and non EU members of the AII and support for the EU accession process for the AII non EU members as well as through  the active engagement (in its capacity of Chairman of the AII) in  the creation of the EU Strategy for the Adriatic-Ionian macro region;

- Strengthening cooperation with the other AII member states aimed at responsible management of the natural resources of the Adriatic-Ionian region as well as better utilization of historical, economic and cultural potentials of this region;

- Enhancing of joint project-oriented activities in areas of common interest on the regional level; work on finalisation and implementation of the Protocols in four areas of cooperation (tourism, small and medium size enterprises, underwater archeological cultural heritage, rural development) initiated during the Italian Presidency of AII;

- Introducing the projects of interest for the AII countries in the field of  tourism, small and medium size enterprises cooperation, transport,  environmental protection, cultural and university cooperation etc;

- Innovations and investment in tourism as well as promotion of tourism as  a brunch of economy which has particular importance for the AII countries;

- Further development of tourism in harmony with nature. Better use of comparative advantages that the AII countries have in development of the soft tourism both in eco and cultural area;

- Strengthening Parliamentary dimension of the AII as a support to the vision of regional cooperation in the AII in the Parliamentary framework;

- Increase of efficiency in addressing environmental issues in the Adriatic Ionian area. The Montenegro’s membership to the Trilateral Commission for the Adriatic can bring added value to the regional efforts in the environmental field;

- Strengthening the links between the AII and Baltic countries;

- Promotion of closer cooperation with other regional organizations and initiatives, especially with CEI and BSEC as well as consolidation of links with the Union for the Mediterranean in order to define common objectives and make them be effectively implemented;