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Adriatic-Ionian Council – The most important body of the AII comprised of Foreign Ministers of the member-states. It convenes annually and decides on all fundamental and specific issues, including the areas and modes of cooperation of the member-states, cooperation with other IOs and Initiatives, as well as on political matters in the region 

High Offiials’ Committee – Main executive body of the AII, comprised of members of all member-states. It meets in the period between the two Council sessions to consider and carry out the proposed cooperation from the previous Council session and the preparation for the following one. The Committee discusses current activities, Round Table proposals, and initiates certain activities.)

Round tables – Four tables devided according to themes discussed:

  •  Round table on tourism, culture, and university cooperation;
  •  Round table on on environmental and fire protection;
  •  Round table on small- and middle-size enterprises; and
  •  Round table on transport and Maritime Affairs.

The AII Secretariat is in Ancona, Italy (officially inaugurated on June 20, 2008).