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Montenegro opens an honorary consulate in Pisa

Montenegro opens an honorary consulate in Pisa
Published date: 01.07.2014 12:26 | Author: MVPEI

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Defence Minister Milica Pejanović-Đurišić attended yesterday the conference entitled “Balkans – from war to prosperity,” which took place in Pisa, Italy.

In her address, Minister Pejanović-Đurišić highlighted that Montenegro had a long and successful journey from being surrounded by the war environment to regaining independence, achieved according to the highest European standards. In that regard, she noted Montenegro’s dynamic EU and NATO accession process, adding that Montenegro has established competitive economic system, opened for domestic and foreign investors, which facilitates cooperation and good relations with its’ neighbours, not only at the economic, but also at the political level.

President of the Italian delegation to NATO Parliamentary Assembly Andrea Manciuli underlined that Montenegro represents a positive example of how to conduct a successful development of the country, particularly when it comes to the Balkans. The Balkans was and still is the part of Europe and due to its geographical position it has to continue its European and Euro-Atlantic accession process more effectively, Mr Manciuli stressed. Italy is willing to continue supporting Montenegro towards its European path, he added.

During her visit to Italy, Minister Pejanović-Đurišić opened the Honorary Consulate in Pisa, covering the region Tuscany. She voiced her belief that this consulate will boost cooperation between Montenegro and Italy, particularly referring to economic and cultural ties with Tuscany.