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Press release: Deputy Prime Minister Lukšić opens Montenegro’s Consulate in Iskenderun, Turkey

Press release: Deputy Prime Minister Lukšić opens Montenegro’s Consulate in Iskenderun, Turkey
Published date: 15.03.2014 11:47 | Author: MVPEI

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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Igor Lukšić visited the Republic of Turkey yesterday, where he opened the honorary consulate of Montenegro in Iskenderum, headed by honorary consul Serif Tosyali and covering the region of Hatay (the municipalities of Adana, Hatay, Mersin, and Osmaniye).

At the opening ceremony, Mr Lukšić noted that this is Montenegro’s third honorary consulate in Turkey, which is the best confirmation of the importance Montenegro puts on strengthening cooperation and friendship with Turkey.

Better understanding and closer ties between our countries are additionally promoted by our activities in culture, education, and science. By making the most of our cultural and scientific potentials, we make more room for the common elements in the cultures of Montenegro and Turkey, our languages, music, and customs, which are a result of multiple historic encounters. I believe this is the main reason that year after year a growing number of Montenegrin students choose to go to Turkish universities, and I am certain that for those who choose to come to the Hatay region this consulate will be an important address for help and support in the years ahead, Mr Lukšić said at the opening ceremony.

Mr Lukšić said he hopes the consulate will serve as a communication channel for the numerous Montenegrin expatriate communities in Turkey, and that it will have a mediating role in the strengthening of ties of the immigrants with their home country, as well as help preserve and promote the Montenegrin culture, tradition, and language in Turkey.

In his address, honorary consul Tosyali noted his intention to work diligently towards further improving the relationship between the two countries and towards helping the Montenegrin community to maintain ties with their home country.

Mr Lukšić held meetings with the governors of Hatay, Celalettin Lekesiz, and Osmaniye, Mehmet Oduncu, where it was noted that Montenegro and Turkey cherish excellent relations, which are continually improving in all areas. Mr Lukšić welcomed cooperation with Tosyali Holding, which privatised the Niksic Steelworks, whose positive experience has inspired other Turkish companies to invest in Montenegro, most notably in port transport, financial sector, and infrastructure.

It was noted that closer cooperation with certain regions in Turkey presents an opportunity to improve further the relationship between the two countries. It was noted that the opening of the consulate could prove beneficial for further economic cooperation and various projects.
The Montenegrin delegation also included economy minister Vladimir Kavarić and mayor of Nikšić Veselin Grbović, and it paid a visit to the Tosyali Hoding factory in Osmaniye and learnt about its operation and production capacity