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Director General Vucinic attended the NATO meeting

Director General Vucinic attended the NATO meeting
Published date: 02.12.2020 18:30 | Author: MVP

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Director General for NATO and Security Policy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vladimir Vucinic, attended today the Meeting of NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs, organized through video conference on 1st and 2nd of December.

 NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs have talked about China with their partners from Asian-Pacific Region (Australia, Japan, New Zeland and Republic of Korea), Sweden, Finland and EU. It has been concluded that China's economic power provides possibilities for the cooperation, but its growing political and military power must be taken into consideration. Vucinic supported the standpoint that NATO must actively follow all the eventual implications of China's growing impact, including potential for cooperation, as well as possible challenges.

During the meeting, allies have also discussed the situation in the Black Sea’s region with partner countries, Ukraine and Georgia. As a promoter of the NATO’s open door politics and the State that on December 2nd 2015 has received an invitation for membership in the Alliance, Vucinic stated that Montenegro supports territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine and Georgia, while emphasizing that it will continue to provide support to their Euro-Atlantic aspirations. 


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