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Opening of Summer School for Young Diplomats “Gavro Vukovic”

Opening of Summer School for Young Diplomats “Gavro Vukovic”
Published date: 07.09.2020 18:00 | Author: MVP

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Thirteen edition of Summer School for Young Diplomats “Gavro Vukovic”, organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has been ceremonially opened today, in Podgorica. This year Summer School will be held mostly in virtual format, in regard to the current global pandemic. Minister of Foreign Affairs Prof. Dr. Srdjan Darmanovic, UNDP Resident Representative for Montenegro Daniela Gašparíková and Deputy Secretary for Project and Investments of Municipality of Berane Maja Pesic gave their speeches at opening ceremony which this year gathered 47 young diplomats from 28 countries.

Head of Montenegrin diplomacy welcomed participants, stressing that focus of this year Summer School will be on the role and importance of diplomacy in building of sustainable and interconnected global community. He added that current pandemic has showed on necessity of close cooperation and bonding trust among countries and all other actors of international relations, as well as that diplomacy has always had a great role in overall response on existing challenges, aiming to achieve long term stability and prosperity in the world.

Minister stated that Montenegro is at ideological and worthwhile crossroad, highlighting his believes that it is of great importance for us to stay on Euro-Atlantic and European Integration path. He added that this represents guarantee that Montenegro will continue to develop as society founded on respect of fundamental human rights and freedoms of all its citizens, as well as other progressive values cherished by modern liberal democracies.

MVPUNDP Resident Representative for Montenegro Gašparíková reminded that Summer School for Young Diplomats has been established since 2008. “Today we can be proud of results that drawn global attention: More than 500 diplomats from 75 countries and over 150 eminent lecturers from all over the world have attended the School”, Gašparíková stated.

She told participants that they are keepers of our future, who should tend to build cohesive, peaceful and resistant societies. “You are ambassadors of our better tomorrow, you are the ones who will, we hope, build better and more sustainable future. You have good basis to achieve that, with the Agenda 2030 followed with 17 Sustainable Development Goals.  That is unique and truly universal plan which connects all the countries and citizens all over the world. I believe that network of attendees of this School will contribute to success and empower commitment of the countries to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals”, Gašparíková concluded.

Representative of Municipality of Berane, Maja Pesic, pointed out importance of personality and achievements of Gavro Vukovic, who contributed to the development of Montenegrin diplomacy, with highlight that his legacy needs to be cherished in the future.

On this year Summer School “Gavro Vukovic” more than 35 eminent theorist and practitioners from the most prominent world universities and schools, among which are Oxford University, London School of Economics and Politics, Boston University, Johns Hopkins University, Leiden University, Lund University, ETH Zurich, University of South Australia, Diplo Foundation etc. will give the speeches. 


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