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Minister Darmanovic with representatives of OSCE/ODIRH Mission for monitoring elections in Montenegro

Minister Darmanovic with representatives of OSCE/ODIRH Mission for monitoring elections in Montenegro
Published date: 28.08.2020 16:36 | Author: MVP

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MVPMinister of Foreign Affairs Prof. Dr. Srdjan Darmanovic met today with head of ODIHR’s Mission for monitoring parliamentary and local elections in Montenegro Tamás Meszerics, Vice-President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and special coordinator for short-term monitoring of OSCE Mission Margareta Cederfelt, head of OSCE Mission in Montenegro Maryse Daviet and head of Department for elections of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Andreas Baker.

Minister Darmanovic expressed gratitude to OSCE/ODIHR for being a reliable and constructive partner in processes of importance for democratic and reform achievements, while indicating that Montenegro highly appreciates the ODIHR’s role and their presence during electoral processes and reform of electoral law. He thanked ODIRH and OSCE Parliamentary Assembly for all efforts to enable presence of their observers in such aggravated circumstances, and conveyed expectations that the upcoming report will be objective and useful in manifold manner, as it was the case previously.

He informed interlocutors that the current political situation in Montenegro is satisfying and expressed expectation that all competitors of the election will showcase responsibility and that they will not be any attempts of disturbing the regular electoral process. Anyhow, he emphasized that precocious measures have to be applied. “The Government gives its best to enable safe elections in fair and democratic atmosphere”, emphasized Minister Darmanovic. In addition, he underlined that the decision of all political parties to take part in elections is reassuring and additionally strengthens the legitimacy of elections that are always competitive in Montenegro.

In the context of fulfilling recommendations of OSCE/ODIHR monitoring missions and reform of legislative framework, Minister Darmanovic particularly addressed efforts of the ruling coalition to implement them in the highest possible manner in the previous period.

Taking into consideration current epidemiological situation, Minister Darmanovic emphasized that the Government of Montenegro undertook all important steps to conduct elections in normal ambient, while reaffirming democratic principles and respecting measures of the National Coordination Body.

Vice-President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Margareta Cederfelt expressed gratitude for understanding of the Montenegrin institutions regarding decision on the change of Mission’s format due to the epidemiological situation in country.

They have assessed that the support of ODIHR and OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, as well as of significant member of international observers that will be present at the upcoming elections, represent confirmation of Montenegro’s endeavors to prepare for conducting elections.

Having in mind that the previous reports on elections in Montenegro have been assessed as elections organized in peaceful and democratic spirit, they expressed belief that the upcoming ones will have the same trend.